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Hebei Junyu Guangli Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hebei Guangli Group, which is 
the manufacturing enterprise supported by Guangli Group's two heavy truck 4S stores, a transport company and a used car trading market as the upstream industrial chain. The company is located in the Chengnan Development Zone, Mengcun Hui Autonomous County, Cangzhou city, the hometown of Chinese Wushu renowned both inside and outside the country.

Our company was founded in October 2014. The total planning area is more than 100000 square meters and the total investment is 150 million yuan£¨RMB). There are more than 280 employees, including 20 professional technical & RD engineers and 10 senior professional title managers in our company. After the second phase of construction, the company has become a national announcement enterprise. We have more than 20 products that were announced and passed the national quality center mandatory 3C certification, IS09001:2015 quality management system certification. Now, Junyu Guangli  is a modern special purpose vehicle manufacturing enterprise concentrating on scientific research, design, production and sales.

The equipments of the company include: CNC plasma cutting machine, hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic bending machine, door longitudinal beam welding machine, automatic plate splicing welding machine, plate rolling machine, shot blasting machine, automatic welding machine for ring seam of special-shaped tank, gas shielded welding machine, sandblasting room, painting room and all kinds of welding equipment, lifting, transportation and other equipment. The main testing equipments include: electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine, impact strength tester, four-wheel positioning instrument, five-wheel instrument, magnetic powder injury instrument, ultrasonic thickness gauge, ashing test tower, bath test-bed, etc.

The main products of the company include: various export vehicles, Fence/stake semi-trailer, Side wall semi-trailer, Flatbed container transportation semi-trailer, Flatbed self-unloading semi-trailer, container transportation semi-trailer, Rear dumper semi trailer, middle axle sedan car, skeleton,lowboy semi trailer,etc.

Market positioning: Established in Beijing and Hebei province, serveing the whole country, best-selling all over the world.

Hebei Junyu Guangli Company is booming with a strong driving force, achieving rapid development.
Mr. Cao Li, the Chairman and General Manager of the company, together with all the crew, warmly welcome the guests and friends from all over the world to visit the hometown of Chinese Wushu, guide and negotiate with us.

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